15 February 2022

The Veterinarians in Action Foundation is active in south Italy, Bulgaria and Greece. In each of these countries we run a rescue centre where we take in distressed or injured dogs, cats and wild animals and provide them with medical care until they are fully healed. Most strays can then return to their territory, and abandoned animals find new homes. Some dogs, however, are too old or too sick for another life as a stray or a new start in a foreign environment. Project “Sunset” was created for them; it provides the protected space where they can spend their well-deserved twilight years in peace.

Since cats are much more independent than dogs, the need for facilities like Project Sunset is significantly smaller for cats. Most of them can return to their territory after treatment in our rescue centres. However, they also exist among cats, the hopeless cases for whom a longer life on the streets is just as impossible as the chance of finding a suitable place. We have therefore decided to set up a simple but species-appropriate and cat-friendly area for them in our Greek rescue centre.