01 September 2020

We are delighted when the district of Kavala (northern Greece) asks us if we can carry out a neutering action for them. This take place from 25-30 September. The local authority is very cooperative with us and has a lot of confidence in our work.

This allows our vets to neuter 51 dogs and 126 cats. At the same time, they are able to help many injured animals: in complex surgery, they were able to save a dog with a prolapse of the womb and a cat with eye problems.


In this building, the district offers us the infrastructure where we can carry out the neutering action. We always find a way of equipping the spaces to allow us to treat the animals with care.


The volunteers hold this frightened dog with a great deal of patience and love while our vet, Dr. Konstantin Antov, prepares the anaesthetic injection.


As always, the vets can thankfully rely on a large number of volunteers from local animal protection groups who often feed stray animals and can therefore catch them with much less difficulty than we can.


Many cats are caught by volunteers and we can operate very efficiently.


The dogs and cats which are caught and the location they were found in, are continually registered, so that we can plan our day.


These two beautiful cats are not quite out of anaesthesia yet. Once they wake up, they will be brought back to the place where they were caught. They will defend their territory and thank to the neutering, they won’t reproduce any more.


Our vet Lily is focusing on a difficult eye operation on this cat.


A volunteer is willing to care for the cat at home just after the operation. Vet Lily is very happy about this because it will take a while until the eye is fully healed.


The local television company is paying us a visit and are very interested in the work of Vets in Action. Our president in Greece, Dr. Zoi Kantou explains how a neutering action is carried out.


Some of our workers with volunteer helpers.

They all do incredible work.