03 December 2020


Already since 2008 the vets in action have been carrying out neutering campaigns in southern Italy. More precisely in the area of Lecce, where we have also set up our rescue center. Already at that time the state paid about 2 Euro per day and dog to private Canile operators. A very good business for certain people but the worse for the animals.


Although there were hardly any dogs left on the streets, the poor animals were locked up in concrete cages by the thousands. Often a lifetime they vegetated there in their own excrement and urine without ever receiving medical or other care. This business could not be done with the cats, so there were and still are many stray cats in the streets.

In order to dry up the source of these dog prisons, we have since then consistently used our energies for nationwide neuterings and, thanks to our loyal donors, we can maintain neutering as a high priority - in addition to emergency medical aid for injured animals.


 A familiar picture from the summer of 2020: Our transporter full of animals which are brought to the clinic for neutering. Cats are then released back where they were found. The dogs are often "semi-private" and come back to the people who feed them.

The effect of our work is visible and there are much less dogs today that are still misused as a source of money. Exposed animals are found faster by us, because we are now very well networked and we can catch these animals before Canile owners. Also the municipalities are now actively working with us. With cats the situation is even more critical, because it is much more expensive to catch them for castration.


In the current year, despite the Corona measures, we have managed to carry out a record number of castrations: By mid-November 2020 we were able to neuter 971 cats and 343 dogs!


We have also started a prevention campaign in the Lecce area. The posters inform people about the importance of neutering of private animals, which are the main source of street animals. The text reads: "Castration prevents animal suffering". We have already received a lot of positive feedback from the population for our campaign.


Like a woman from Lecce, who sends us a letter with the words: "The vets in action show a great sense of civil responsibility". This great campaign will continue to encourage people to neuter their own cats and dogs and thus prevent their exponential reproduction and the suffering that results from it.

We thank you, dear donors, from our hearts for your support. Without you we would not be able to help our fellow creatures the way we do. We and our protégés need you more than ever in these difficult pandemic times.