29 February 2020

From February 25th to March 5th, 2020: The vets in action, together with the municipality of Visalta, successfully launch the program "Streets without strays". The first targeted neutering campaign is carried out in the village of Nigrita. Thanks to the great support of local volunteers working together with the vets in action, we can neuter 125 dogs and 79 cats, vaccinate them against rabies and chip them! A lot of work in only seven days!

Not only are castrations performed, but also emergency surgeries. Like this injured sheepdog, who is now in the care of volunteers until it is healthy again and can return to its original place.

But neutering alone is not enough! The vets in action are constantly working to educate and sensitize the local people about the problem. In addition, an important meeting took place with all representatives of the different municipalities as well as the mayors, representatives of the police and the deputy mayor, who is responsible for the stray animal problem.

This meeting aimed to distribute the tasks between the municipalities, local organizations and volunteers, which are necessary to finally remedy the misery of the stray animals.


Our veterinarian helps this shepherd dog to calm down before the operation.


The vets in action use the media to sensitize the population to the stray dog problem.


Our veterinarian during the emergency surgery.


Our veterinarian starts with the neuterings.


Our veterinarian vaccinates puppies against rabies.