10 October 2018

As with all campaigns in Greece, there are many local animal rights activists and private helpers who want to do something about the misfortune of street animals. They arrive early in the morning at the place of operation to receive the animals and help where it is needed.
Soon the first boxes with stray dogs will be delivered – those which were captured in the morning. All animals are safely returned in the evening to their roaming grounds where they know each other.

The first animals get their anaesthetic and the operations begin. Each day the two vets neuter or spay between 25 and 35 animals.

In order to finally catch this skittish animal after days, employee Sakis has prepared some medication hidden in meat. After waiting patiently for the animal to fall asleep, he can load take it to the surgery.
Tasoula has a plant shop on the access route to the project building where the vets operate. There is an instant good communication and she likes to help catch many a stray cat in her area.
This cat is found after a car accident with several hernias and a huge purulent wound on the front leg. Here the infection must be treated very quickly, otherwise the paw will not survive.
Although one would think it is a case of Leishmania, this dog only has a severe skin problem due to parasites. The vets treat the stray for the duration of the project and he can return to his territory where a woman looks after him and feeds him.
This man has just picked up one of his three cats and is beaming happily. Since the vets can only lend him one carrier for transport, he patiently brings them in all individually.
This couple has been feeding a stray in front of their house for some time and looking after him. Today they castrated him and decided to finally adopt him.