21 October 2020

Vets in Action received an emergency call from a Swiss animal friend in September. She travelled to Morocco at the start of 2020 and became a witness to the misery of animals there. Due to the absence of tourists because of the Corona pandemic, many animal owners could no longer earn money and had left their animals on the street. Additionally, tourists no longer fed the animals that had already been living on the street so they were badly affected too.

Our dedicated animal lover saw the dramatic situation in the village where she was staying and where all animals - dogs, cats, donkeys - were hungry. An extraordinarily kind and generous person she had been giving all her time and energy to help these animals as long as she was still in Morocco.

Vets in Action assessed the situation and decided to provide immediate assistance and support for the courageous animal ambassador and to organize food supplies.
TA positive outcome. The food felt like water in the desert. The animals were no longer in acute danger of starvation and the locals were grateful and relieved.
The situation is still very critical, but Vets in Action are not giving up! In the event that the pandemic situation does not improve, we are in the process of working out a more sustainable solution.

Close to Ghazoua, there is a spot on the beach where at low tide fresh water escapes from the sand. The animals know about it and go to the beach to dig holes expecting them to fill up with fresh water so they can quench their thirst. At high tide, the same spot is in the sea. The world is full of wonders and we can learn so much from animals. It reminds us again of the Vets in Action vision: Respectful coexistence of all living creatures on this earth.

Respectful coexistence of all living creatures on this earth.
Dear donors, please accept our most sincere thanks. Without you, we will not be able to help these animals. In such dire times, we need your loyal support for sustainable and long-term solutions.