07 March 2019


In the northern Greek municipality of Volvi (around Lake Volvi, with its administrative headquarters in Stavros), there are an estimated 5,000 stray animals, including around 2,000 dogs.

We carried out two campaigns to help the municipality to improve the stray problem in the area. Thanks to our successful actions and efforts Vets in Action was invited as trustful partner to sign a contract for collaboration.


The big goal: 2750 stray animals are to be neutered within two years, which will change the situation on the streets decisively or solve the problem of the many strays in a sustainable and humane way. In several concentrated campaigns, Vets in Action will sterilize, vaccinate and provide medical care to dogs and cats.

Vets in Action are very pleased with this challenge because it helps the animals directly and because the contract also obliges the community to take various measures. This anchors other important goals of the Foundation and the holistic nature of the project promises to bring about a decisive turning point for animal protection in Greece:




The municipality according to the contract provides practice for the neutering campaigns. Vets in Action, receive also community workers, vehicles and cages for catching the animals.Municipality has to have around 650 castrations carried out by the regionally based veterinarians in these two years. This should bring extra help and also will build up collaboration between the municipality them. It is very important the municipality to starts taking responsibility for the stray problem in their region.




The municipality is committed to provide information via posters, flyers or the press in order to raise awareness among the owners of pets. They should be informed that only if they neuter their animals can prevent unwanted litters and that abandoning animals is not only inhumane but also punishable.

The community enables Vets in Action to enter school classes and train organs such as the police and fire brigade. Schoolchildren should be given the idea of ​​animal protection early and in a playful way, while the authorities learn how to deal with the stray animals correctly and carefully.


law enforcement

The municipality commits to enforce the chip obligation and to keep a database of all existing dogs. Stray dogs are registered in the municipality, which makes them responsible for their resident animals. Sick and injured animals must be cared for, even at night. The municipality is further obliged to actually execute the animal welfare laws and to issue the appropriate penalties and fines.

While castrations have a decisive influence on the future stray situation, the associated vaccination programs are already preventing infectious diseases. We directly improve the quality of life of the animals and prevent a lot of suffering. Thank you for your support!

Pictures from the contract signing with the municipality of Volvi