10 October 2019

We went to the island of Thasos for the first time in July to explore the situation there. Soon it turned out that the working conditions were very good. The mayor, the local animal rights activists, the police and even the local vets were ready to cooperate.
At a meeting where all parties are involved, the following will be decided: All dogs on Thasos will be chipped and registered. There will be an information campaign for all pet owners about their responsibility to their animals. The police and local authorities will provide human resources to strengthen animal welfare laws. There is now a cooperation between the authorities and the local animal rights activists regarding the accommodation of street animals. The vets will support the two police stations on the island. We can prove that castrations can really solve the stray problem, as there is no influx of stray animals unlike it is the case in other places.
On Thasos there are mainly stray cats. On Thassos there are mainly stray cats, but dogs are taken care of too. Within three days we have been able to vaccinate, neuter and provide medical care for 231 animals and we have visited three schools to raise awareness on the topic of animal protection.
Up to 60 animals a day are neutered and cared for by two veterinarians
Nothing can be done without the helping hands of volunteers. Their assistance is invaluable.