08 April 2020


The weather in Northern Greece is terrible, it rains torrents at only 7 degrees. But the big problem of stray animals is not the weather, but the hunger. Hundreds of them, once fed on garbage or people in restaurants and shops, have lost their source of food.


After a few days, some animals are already threatened by acute starvation. And not only that: many of them also need medicine, which was brought to them by our volunteers so far. But these are now only allowed to move 300 meters away from their homes. Who can now care for these animals?


In a few days the Vets in Action have organized themselves. More than two dozen people have already been won to care for the dogs and cats in their immediate vicinity. With the proper distance, we provide the animal friends with the necessary food and medication.


In southern Italy there are not many dogs on the street. They are a good reason to leave the apartment and are therefore less exposed than usual. It is rather the cats that are still on the street. But the supply of the different cat colonies in Puglia is already well organized! 

Many people were laid off in the first weeks of the epidemic – by no means all of them have regular employment contracts and were put on the streets from one day to the next. So there are more and more pet owners who do not know how to feed their animals. The Vets in Action have therefore contacted the authorities in order to be able to care also for starving pets.

Together with animal welfare activists, we wrote a letter to the Greek Prime Minister to include the care of street animals among the reasons for going out. This way we can also feed the animals that live away from or on the edge of the villages. We have also ordered automatic feeders - we hope that they will be delivered soon!