24 October 2019

The campaign was reported on Greek television.

For this campaign, the vets have been invited by the municipality of Doxato in order to solve the stray dog problem sustainably via castrations.
Early in the morning, the helpers of the local animal welfare association meet and the first transport boxes with stray dogs are being delivered.
Only a short time later the first animals get their anaesthetic injection and an operating room is set up in the local dog shelter. So it's time to go for another very successful castration campaign!
In preparation for sterilization: the abdomen is shaved and the skin is then disinfected, while the animal is already deeply asleep and can no longer feel anything.
This stray needs a haircut before the flea powder can act. Its fur on the legs is so matted that long squabbles have formed.
Here, there is a huge tumor in the breast strip. Fortunately, it can be removed easily and the animal can lead a normal life after.

Poor Christina was spotted along with her brother in the mountain. The two may have been hunting dogs until one day they were disposed of by their owner.

Today is the 4th of October, World Animal Protection Day, which is the occasion for Greek television to visit our castration campaign for a report. It is a nice reward for the vets to find a TV crew reporting on their work.
Employee Zoi Kontou is interviewed and can talk about the problem of the approximately two million stray animals that exist in Greece alone!
Please watch the corresponding report from Greek television with German subtitles.
In the end, we have reached the number of 300 castrations during the 10-day campaign. The team of veterinarians can be proud of this contribution to reducing the number of strays in the country. We would like to thank all the people who make this work possible: the supportive donors and helping volunteers.