13 June 2018

For the campaign in June, we can count on the excellent cooperation with the regional veterinarians and on many volunteers from the local animal welfare. Five vets at four locations participated in the campaign and a total of 436 animals were neutered and spayed!
This campaign is relatively short with its five days, but through good organization 276 animals have been operated in this practice alone!
The volunteers from the local animal welfare organization are a well-coordinated team. In the early morning, they already receive the first animals for castration at their well-equipped information stand.
Slowly the boxes are filled up with arriving animals. The entrance area is cool in the shade and is ideal as an improvised waiting room.
Inside the practice, the vets are already operating the first animals. Everyone is deep asleep and will not feel anything throughout their surgery.
These cats have to sleep off their anesthesia completely before they are allowed back into the open. They were not only neutered, but also vaccinated and treated for parasites in order to improve the health of the cat population long term.
And of course, a visit to our animal welfare center in Poggiardo where this dog is lovingly taken care of and greets visitors joyfully.
Employees Simone and Loredana at Nico's daily wound care. Shortly before the campaign this little guy is found with a broken leg and needs surgery.