Retirement home for old street animals

The Vets in action treat thousands of animals. Some need medical care for a long period of time and are, whenever possible, treated where they live. There are always cases that can no longer live independently on the streets. Most are terminally ill and need medication all the time. Some are also big and old. To put it bluntly, no one wants these animals and most of them would die miserably on the street. That is why the Foundation  Vets in Action founded the project SUNSET: Old and sick animals, with no hope of a different place to live, are allowed to stay with us until their end. They live in stable groups and receive all the care and love they need.

There are enough shelters, shady spots and cozy huts. We need toys and other accessories very much - our seniors will be happy!


More than that: Of course, Zoi (our President of the Greek Vets in Action association)  has a special dose of love and affection for everyone.

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