14 June 2022

The Vets in Action are asked by a concerned lady to take care of a donkey mare from the town of Petrich (BG) or to pick her up and bring her to the Donkey Valley. We agree to welcome this female donkey that we name Vaska.

The lady who was looking after her has even organized transport through a local cattle farmer.

But when we open the trailer, we are faced with a sorry-looking male donkey, its hooves the worst we’ve seen. The female donkey is peering behind him. It turns out the farmer took advantage of the transport, for which the woman paid, and decided to bring another donkey that he obtained who knows how. We ask him what his intentions are and he tells us that if we don’t take the donkey he’ll drive him straight to the slaughterhouse.


It is unthinkable to save one donkey and leave another to its lonley journey to doom. So after brief negotiation, we buy the living soul no one cares for to give him the care he desperately needs.

We call him then Vasko. Here with Vaska.

We tackle Vasko’s hooves immediately. They are so overgrown, they’ve caused severe changes in his posture.

Vasko will need a number of regular trimmings to begin stepping as he should and restore his proper walk.


There is a chance we may never be able to fix the damage but we will definitely manage to relieve his situation considerably. Now Vasko needs peace and quiet, food, and love. He gets all that, especially the latter from all of us, humans and donkeys alike.

Once he regains his strength and gets used to his new environment, Vasko gets his chip; his vaccines and a good treatment against parasites like all his mates in the Valley.

We are happy about the unexpected new arrival!


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