It is part of the credo of vets in action to help every animal in need.

Our vets always have their eyes open. Often we are on our way to an animal, to a castration action or to catch, feed, or treat animals. We are always encountering animals that need our help. From the old blind dog wandering the highway to the turtle trying to cross it - the vets always stop to help. In addition, there are countless channels that call us asking for help. Sometimes it is authorities that are overwhelmed with animal emergencies, sometimes it is other animal rights activists, neighbours or tourists who notify us of abandoned, neglected, stray dogs, cats, horses, donkeys or wild animals.

Like our long-term campaigns, such as solving the stray animal problem in certain regions or working with donkey farmers in Bulgaria, emergency veterinary aid is at the heart of our work. Every year there are several hundred animals that we are able to rescue from a threatening situation.

See several examples of emergency assistance:

A few examples of dog emergency assistance

A few examples of cat emergency assistance

A few examples of wild animals emergency assistance