17 February 2023

In Puglia it is warmer in winter than in Switzerland. Not (always) true! The 34 dogs currently in our rescue center in Poggiardo report below about the frosty conditions they are experiencing in this year's cold February:


During the day the temperature drops to only 2 to 4 °C and at night even to freezing -7 °C. Our human friends are constantly busy changing our water bowls more often than usual, otherwise we would have to lick ice instead of drinking water.

Snow is very rare in Poggiardo, but we are so happy about the extra blankets we received for our little dog houses because of the cold.

And first of all, for these warming coats! We are extremely grateful to the people who donated them. It makes it much easier for us to adapt to these strong temperature changes.


Fritzi (15-years old)


Carlo (14-years old)


Nero (14-years-old)


My name is Smilla. I have leishmaniasis, but I am very lucky to live here in this safe sanctuary. In addition to cuddles, the daily essential medicines and my special food, I also got this great coat as a present a few days ago!


Like many of us, my friend Lina suffers from the same disease.


Despite or maybe because of the current cold weather, we can hardly believe that we are allowed to live in this protective house. Most of us are old and sick; outside on the street we could no longer survive.

On the left of the picture is me: Maya! At 19 years old, I have a long life behind me, the end of which I am still enjoying here. My friend Nonni is "only" 17 years old. Due to our age we have - like so many old people - besides this and that also some arthrosis.

Without our Vets in action we would not be alive anymore. We have been very lucky and enjoy our second life here.


Every morning we go for a walk with our two-legged friends so that we can get to know each other and learn, or rather not unlearn, to walk on a leash. Despite our age, it happens from time to time that people adopt one of us. That's when you want to show what you can do! Some of us who are younger have yet to learn....

Our Vets friends have named this project Sunset - we like the name very much. And the best thing: We can stay here until the end of our lives or we will be adopted. Besides our vets, we have to THANK the generous donors for this sheltered life here in Poggiardo!

Kind regards from the Sunset

The dogs of the rescue center