01 June 2020

Recently, Vets in Action received a call from a woman in a neighboring village: She tells us about four shepherd dogs that live near her and are in a miserable condition. After short investigation it is clear: The dogs belong to a shepherd, who is already well-known for bad animal treatment

Vets in Action immediately contact the police and the local health department. Together we drive to the scene of the delict and indeed we find four completely frightened and emaciated dogs that obviously need help. Fortunately they quickly trust us, despite the bad experiences they have had with humans.

With help of the police the dogs are immediately confiscated and we take them to our rescue center in Poggiardo. All four are massively infested with parasites, which have already eaten their ears. Their heads are covered with scars, two of the animals also suffer from leishmaniasis. We immediately take care of the worst injuries and treat the dogs against parasites and other diseases.

Already after a short time all four shepherd dogs are much healthier and happier. They are now under our protection and we can watch them discover their new life every day. We have therefore named them after Hindu gods of reincarnation: Lakshmi, Rama, Samsara and Vishnu.

A claim will be filed against the torturing dog owner.