27 September 2020

Many owners still have the practice to keep their donkeys tied up by their feet when they leave them out on the fields to graze during the day.

This could be dangerous and accidents do happen.The following story is example of such a case where the donkey was tied up and left unattended for too long.

One morning we received a call to help a donkey in critical condition. When we arrived we saw the poor animal lying in pain on the ground under the sun without any shade. The owner said that the donkey has been in that condition for a week. A week ago he had left the donkey tied up by his foot for the day to graze. Unfortunately while the donkey was moving the rope dug deep into his rear left foot just under the pastern joint. It was so tight that the blood circulation stopped, which caused the loss of his hoof and brought the animal enormous pain that made him lie down, helpless. It took us weeks of therapy to see any improvement. Now on some days he looks fine walking alone, but on the next day you can see him having problems to keep standing, appearing dejected and depressed.   We are still very concerned and cautious about his recovery prognosis but we hope for the best.